A bilateral meeting  between specialists of the Institute for Regional and Urban Planning and experts of UNDP-GEF project “Belarus: Support for Green Urban Planning in Small and Medium-sized Cities of Belarus” was held 16 September, 2019.

The following issues were considered:
- project’s experience in elaboration of green urban development plans for the pilot cities of Polotsk, Novopolotsk and Novogrudok;
- usage of the key performance indicator system  (KPI) to analyze  and monitor green urban development plans  in pilot cities;
- usage of strategic planning methods for sustainable urban development.

Experts informed that work on elaboration of  green urban development plans has been launched for the towns of Zelva, Gorodok, Krichev and Korma.

Participants discussed presented plans and urban planning approaches to improve the quality of life in  towns.
It was proposed to strengthen information exchange and interaction between the Institute for Regional and Urban Planning and the UNDP-GEF project, in a way to use provisions of green urban development plans when developing master plans for Polotsk and Krichev.